About Us

About Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist

Mission Statement

We at Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist are committed to:
Providing the highest standard of vision and health care with personalized service and quality eyewear products in a friendly, caring, and professional atmosphere.

Our Goal

Establish a lasting relationship with you, your family, and to the community we serve and to be the place of choice to visit for those who seek quality service and products.

About Us

​​​Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist is an individually owned small practice that opened on May 2016 to initially provide primary vision exams and medical (eye infection, allergy, glaucoma, diabetes, macular degeneration) eyecare services to the Lorton, VA and surrounding communities of Alexandria, Springfield, Woodbridge, and Fort Belvoir.

As of August 2022 we expanded our office size and have added specialty services to address growing concerns of myopia (nearsightedness) in children/teens, vision discomfort, dry eyes, and corneal irregularities.

In the Fall of 2022 Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist partnered with Treehouse Eyes to provide Myopia management to our younger patients as a means to control the growth of their eyes. We also added a specialty eyeglass lens product, Neurolens, that utilizes contour prism to aid patient candidates to address near visual discomfort/fatigue, headaches, light sensitivity, neck pain, motion sickness, and poor night vision that we have heard from a significant amount of patients in our communities.

We offer TearCare as an additional means to reduce dry eyes and recurrent styes beyond prescription medication. Scleral lenses are specialty and higher level medically necessary rigid contact lenses that we can fit, to provide significant improvement in sight for patients with keratoconus, irregular corneas, or corneal surface disease due to severe dryness. Our staff is friendly, experienced, and educated about the best ways to help with your vision.

Our office is comfortable and welcoming, and we want you to feel at ease when you are with us. We are proud of our personalized service that fits every patient's unique needs. We feel that having the best vision for life should be a clear choice. Regardless of age, we are here to help. From children to seniors, we have the training, tools and equipment needed to preserve your vision and correct problems that impede your vision or visual comfort. 

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