Dr. Laura Frederick, OD

“I will always remember that day when I received my first pair of glasses at age 11.”
​​​​​​​– Laura Frederick O.D.

Dr. Laura Frederick

Two key things I experienced that day. First, I did not have “eagle eyes” like I thought I always had. I couldn’t believe that I could begin counting every leaf on the tree in front of my dad’s car. It was amazing. It was unbelievable. It was my first experience appreciating the miracle of God’s work. Second, from the perspective of an eleven year old child after I got over the awesome clear vision, I wished that I had a nicer pair of glasses.

Things have changed significantly in the world of primary vision care and eyeglasses in optometry. At Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist, we are proud to be able to offer a higher degree of vision and medical care with the constant advancement of technology in diagnostic instruments and engineering of eyeglass lenses and contacts. Just like any other product, there is a difference in quality, design, and appearance of eyeglass frames and we offer eyewear of higher value for each level of budget.

Mission Statement:

We at Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist are committed to:

Providing the highest standard of vision and health care with personalized service and quality eyewear products in a friendly, caring, and professional atmosphere.

The ultimate goal of Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist is to establish a lasting relationship with you, your family, and to achieve being able to give back to the community we serve.

Vision for Life. A Clear Choice

We all value our vision and hope to maintain it throughout our life. Unfortunately, medical events can occur either through genetics or the environment that can potentially result in loss of vision if our eyes are not monitored on a regular basis. Just like how we visit our dentist every 6 months to take care of our teeth and our family physician for a physical every year to take care of our overall health, it is vital to our eye health and future vision to have a thorough physical of our eyes annually as well. After all, if we had to choose between achieving and maintaining our optimal vision vs impaired or complete loss of vision it is clear we value our vision.

At Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist we care and treat the health of your eyes and we want you to see the best that you can. What is unique about our profession is that in addition to examining and treating eye health issues, we prescribe a visual medical device that can also serve a cosmetic purpose as well. Just like any product, the quality of frames dictates the comfort, and ability to hold up over time.

Frames can also serve as jewels for our face and be an added accessory to our overall appearance. Just like how we have several pairs of shoes to match different looks is the same way our glasses can change how we appear as well. The variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available has made wearing glasses a part of making a fashion statement rather than just a medical device to help one see.

The engineering of lenses and the coatings that can be incorporated can result in optimal clarity and visual comfort at all distances. One lens of a particular material and coating can vary significantly in its “optics” vs another lens and coating even in the same prescription. This is especially noticeable in patients with high prescriptions and those who wear progressives.

At Clearfinity Eyecare Optometrist we offer lenses and coatings of various quality for you to select. However, we will always prefer to initially recommend the best lens unique to each patient’s needs and lifestyle as this is our goal for our patients. We welcome you our practice and hope to build a lasting relationship and help you achieve the best vision possible!

About The Doctor

Dr. Laura Frederick (B.Sc., O.D.), a Canadian by birth from Toronto, Ontario earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree with Honors from the University of Western Ontario, Canada in Chemistry and Biochemistry. She completed her doctorate training at Illinois College of Optometry and graduated with cum laude status.

While completing her doctorate training, Dr. Frederick participated in a volunteer mission to Honduras, where she provided eyeglasses and eye care to underprivileged children and adults. She continued her clinical training as a resident at NOVA Southeastern University in Primary Care with an emphasis on Ocular disease.

In addition, Dr. Frederick is a winner of numerous academic awards and honors including Beta Sigma Kappa and Tomb and Key Honor Fraternity. In January 2014, Dr. Frederick chose to become a Board Certified Diplomat through the American Board of Optometry as a personal commitment to continuously maintain updated knowledge in the constant progression of new approaches, methods, and research in various areas of vision enhancement and eye health.

Dr. Frederick is a member of the American Optometric Association, Virginia Optometric Association and Northern Virginia Optometric Association. Her clinical interests are ocular disease, specialty, customized contact lens fitting, dry eye treatment and binocular vision/amblyopia evaluation for all ages.

Her goal is to provide a thorough, educational, and personalized eye exam as your primary eye care provider in addition to providing eyewear that can achieve the clearest possible vision for you in fashionable frames for everyone. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family, attending movie theaters, concerts, reading, gardening, and loves relaxing at a beach when possible!

She hopes to be able to participate in future volunteer missions to aid those who desperately need vision and eye care.

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